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Outdoor Security Cameras

Empowering Outdoor Surveillance with Smart Cellular Cameras. Explore a Range of Innovative and Reliable Products Redefining Remote Monitoring and Security for Various Applications and Environments.

  • Vosker V300 LTE Cellular Camera: Stay connected with the Vosker V300 LTE Cellular Camera. Featuring fast 4G connectivity, high-resolution imagery, and long battery life, it provides real-time monitoring and security for remote locations.


  • Vosker V300 Solar Panel: Maximize camera performance with the Vosker V300 Solar Panel. It ensures uninterrupted power supply, making it ideal for extended surveillance in the wild.


  • Vosker Mobile App: Take control with the Mobile App. Compatible with Vosker cameras, it allows remote camera management, customizable settings, and instant access to images and videos from anywhere.


Vosker's cutting-edge technology and commitment to reliability make it a trusted choice for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts seeking efficient and versatile outdoor surveillance solutions, even in challenging environments.

Featured Products

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