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Audio & Speakers

Representing high performance brands, Simply Controlled offers home cinema systems, multi-room audio, and architectural speakers featuring high quality sound and ultra-attractive esthetics.  Earning critical acclaim in the industry, our brands are designed to optimize any listening experience. 


Featured Products

Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G
Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G

The award-winning Bronze Series features a new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide to offer even sound dispersion, improved time alignment and wider directivity for lifelike sound.

Monitor Audio IA150-8C Amplifier
Monitor Audio IA150-8C Amplifier

This outperforming amplifier enables eight (four stereo pairs) channels of 150W of powers at 4 Ohms and can be accessed via a web application, by any device connected to the same network.

Monitor Audio Climate Series
Monitor Audio Climate Series

Resistant to UV, corrosion and water, the Climate Series offers a weatherproof solution to enhance any outdoor space.