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CAST Perimeter
Security Lighting

Safeguard Your Property with High-Performance Security Solutions. Explore Cutting-Edge Perimeter Products, Elevating Protection and Surveillance for Commercial and Residential Spaces.

  • CAST LED Security Light: Illuminate and secure your premises with the CAST LED Security Light. Its powerful output, adjustable settings, and durable construction ensure reliable performance, deterring potential threats and enhancing safety.


  • CAST Perimeter Camera: Experience advanced surveillance with the CAST Perimeter Camera. Featuring high-definition video, night vision, and intelligent motion detection, it provides real-time monitoring and detailed footage for optimal security.


  • CAST Electric Fence System: Protect your property with the CAST Electric Fence System. An effective deterrent against intruders, this electrified fence ensures an added layer of security without compromising aesthetics or safety.


  • CAST Bollards with Motion Sensors: Enhance visibility and security with CAST Bollards equipped with Motion Sensors. These rugged fixtures offer energy-efficient lighting and activate alerts, providing an ideal solution for outdoor pathways and perimeters.


CAST Perimeter products are engineered with precision and built to withstand the harshest environments, ensuring maximum protection for your valuable assets and peace of mind for your business or home.

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