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ProdataKey (PDK)
Access Control Systems

Empowering Access Control and Security Solutions for Modern Businesses. Explore Innovative Products that Streamline Access Management, Enhance Safety, and Optimize Security in Your Workplace.

  • ProdataKey Cloud Node: Experience seamless access control with the ProdataKey Cloud Node. This powerful, cloud-based platform enables remote management, real-time monitoring, and efficient user administration for enhanced security and convenience.


  • ProdataKey Mobile Credentials: Upgrade your access experience with ProdataKey Mobile Credentials. Transform smartphones into secure credentials, allowing touchless entry, simplified authentication, and greater flexibility for employees and visitors.


  • ProdataKey Smart Readers: Elevate security with ProdataKey Smart Readers. These advanced devices support various credential formats and offer multi-factor authentication, ensuring only authorized individuals can access sensitive areas.


  • ProdataKey Touch IO Panel: Optimize entry points with the ProdataKey Touch IO Panel. Its intuitive interface and smart features enable easy integration with existing systems, delivering a user-friendly access control solution.


ProdataKey products deliver cutting-edge technology and user-friendly solutions, ensuring businesses can effectively manage access, protect assets, and maintain a safe and secure environment for employees and visitors.

Featured Products

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