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CAST Landscape
Landscape Lighting

Unleash the Beauty of Outdoor Spaces with Exceptional Lighting Solutions. Discover High-Performance Landscape Products that Illuminate Your Garden and Transform Your Nightscapes.

  • CAST Aluminum Spotlight: Illuminate your landscape with precision using the CAST Aluminum Spotlight. Its durable design and adjustable features offer focused lighting for trees, architectural elements, and focal points, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space.


  • CAST Brass Path Light: Elevate your pathways and walkways with the CAST Brass Path Light. Its timeless elegance and robust construction ensure longevity, while its warm glow enhances safety and creates an inviting ambiance for your guests.


  • CAST LED Hardscape Light: Add a touch of sophistication to retaining walls, steps, and hardscape features with the CAST LED Hardscape Light. Its slim profile and energy-efficient illumination accentuate the architectural elements of your landscape.


  • CAST Well Light: Bring hidden treasures to life with the CAST Well Light. Designed for sub-surface mounting, it discreetly highlights foliage, statues, and ponds, imparting a magical charm to your garden and outdoor retreats.


CAST Landscape products epitomize craftsmanship and innovation, delivering exceptional performance and durability that withstand the elements. Create captivating outdoor settings with CAST's premium lighting solutions.

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