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Perimeter Security Systems

Advancing Perimeter Security with Cutting-Edge Solutions. Discover a Wide Range of High-Performance Products Redefining Intrusion Detection and Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure and Outdoor Environments.

  • RBTec AlphaWave Perimeter Intrusion Detection System: Fortify your security with the AlphaWave Perimeter Intrusion Detection System. Utilizing advanced radar technology, it offers precise and reliable detection, alerting you to potential threats before they breach your perimeter.


  • RBTec HawkEye Dual Sensor Outdoor Motion Detector: Experience enhanced motion detection with the HawkEye Dual Sensor. Combining passive infrared and microwave technologies, it reduces false alarms and ensures robust detection in challenging outdoor conditions.


  • RBTec Snipe PTZ Thermal Imaging Camera: Elevate surveillance with the Snipe PTZ Thermal Imaging Camera. Equipped with thermal and optical sensors, it delivers exceptional imaging day and night, providing reliable monitoring and identification capabilities.

RBTec products exemplify cutting-edge technology and quality craftsmanship, delivering robust solutions for critical infrastructure and outdoor security challenges, ensuring peace of mind and comprehensive protection.

Reliable Security & Loss Prevention

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