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New products to help you grow your business

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

As our name implies, we are committed to sourcing products that make your customer’s lives simpler. We are always on the hunt for solutions that are easy to install and in demand. Over the past year, we have expanded our product offerings to create a one-stop-shop for all your security, home automation, audio, and IT networking needs. Our online store for Dealers carries some of today’s most popular products from a variety of reputable brands. If you haven’t been to the online store recently, you are in for a surprise! We have introduced some new lines that you can add to your own product and service offerings. Read on to learn more about the latest additions and then click through to the dealer website for pricing and inventory.


Ubiquiti products have been around for years and we recently added UniFi Technology Network solutions to our site. We chose Ubiquiti because it allows seamless integration of wireless access points. As a bonus, it offers clean and intuitive user interfaces. With unlimited scalability, this has proven to be a popular line with our Dealers and Installers.


Finally, a line of powerful and feature-rich security solutions that are NDAA compliant and available to all Dealers!

ClareVision video surveillance is a robust all-in-one solution. Dealers can choose from the Value and Performance Series depending on their needs and budget. Both packages are competitively priced to help maximise Dealer margins. The picture quality is excellent and the app is simple and responsive. The cameras can be paired with ClareOne products or installed as a standalone. ClareVision has found the perfect combination of high quality, functionality, and price point with this product suite!


For anyone who needs a perimeter security solution, the RBtec IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System is a formidable choice! Durable, weather-resistant, economical, and user-friendly, this system has been deployed globally at industrial, oil and gas, farm, storage, commercial, and utility sites. One of the reasons this system has been popular with our Dealers is because it is easy to install with no special training, certification, or custom tools required. It is also easy to use in coordination with additional deterrents such as lighting or cameras for an even more comprehensive security system.

Cast Perimeter

Another exciting addition to our product offerings is Cast Perimeter. This is a pioneering low-voltage security lighting system that includes FlashGlare. FlashGlare uses an unexpected lighting sequence to disorient and deter intruders.

It significantly impairs vision for up to 8 minutes after first being initiated and it takes an additional 15 minutes for vision to return to normal. This gives security professionals and law enforcement the time they need to get to the site. Cast Perimeter costs up to 80% less in materials when compared with other high-voltage solutions. Ready to install kits can be customized to specific site needs.


We have been offering Dahua products for over a year now and we keep finding new things to love about these solutions. Their surveillance security and access control systems are easy to scale and customize to customer’s specific needs. Available features include thermal temperatures, night colour, weather resistance, panoramic and fish-eye views, people counting, and license plate capture. These features, coupled with their AI driven industry-leading analytics via WizSense and WizMind deliver deep learning algorithms. The products are extremely user-friendly. We are a Dahua Certified Supplier, which means you get a 5-year warranty for any Dahua products purchased from us!

Alongside these recently added product lines, we are proud to continue to offer in-demand brands including:

Smart Home, Lighting & Automation

· Aprilaire

· Clare Controls

· Euri Lighting

· Fibaro

· Dome Home Automation

· Guardian Water Damage Prevention

Security & Surveillance

· Alula

· CAST Lighting

· ClareVision

· Dahua

· ProDataKey

· RBtec

· Vosker

· Yale & August Smart Locks


· Comtrend

· Structured Cable Products

· Ubiquiti


· Monitor Audio

· Roksan

· Roon

· Rotel

· Transformative Engineering

Simply Controlled aims to be responsive to your needs and this is why we are always on the lookout for products that will help you grow your business. If you haven’t already, sign up for our Dealer website and check back often to see what’s new and what we have on promotion.

If you have questions or want to chat about a specific project, we are ready to take your call!


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