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Access control solutions for any size of business

Last year, we introduced you to ProDataKey (PDK) as a scalable cloud-based access control solution. From touchless entry to integration with existing systems all controlled by a single app, PDK offers next level access management.

One of the biggest issues with traditional access control systems is that they can be cumbersome to manage and difficult to maintain. For many small and medium-sized businesses, this type of security system simply isn’t practical. The solution offered by PDK has made access control attainable for businesses of any size. These cloud-based control products allow full system management and control using any web connected device. For security solutions companies, PDK products are a great option because they are extremely easy to install and scale. The Cloud Node acts as the main system panel and connects to the cloud platform using existing IT networks. The system can be scaled up by adding additional controllers. There is a wide range of credential options, controllers, and readers that can be optimized for various applications.

The thing we like about the PDK access control security solution is the variety of environments where it can be implemented. For example, this system has been successfully deployed in

· Multi-family residences,

· Luxury condominium complexes,

· Multi-tenant office buildings,

· Warehouses, and

· Multi-tenant retirement buildings.

The system includes flexibility to set up access for regular users, like residents or employees. It also allows one-time access to tradespeople, visitors, and other approved people without requiring someone physically onsite to grant access.

One of the key features of this product is how easy it is to do something that was previously so complicated. For example, the PDK system can be installed and customized to allow for individual control in a large multi-user setting. This is ideal for multi-tenant office spaces where different people require access to multiple entry points including exterior doors, elevators, parkades, designated suites, and stairwells. In the past, this would require a cumbersome installation. Now it can be done easily. After installation, the app allows building managers to continually customize access as required.

For security installers, this solution is extremely straightforward to set up and PDK offers a generous amount of training and support. On-demand training covers system layout and configuration. There is also support designed to help you increase sales. The app makes it easy to manage customer systems and grant access without requiring you to be onsite.

Cloud-based access control is an in-demand and future-ready security solution. Contact us for even more information about how this product can be deployed and to learn how you can start offering it to your customers.


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