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Introducing three products that we’re excited about

There is nothing more exciting than a new product release that lives up to the hype! We have 3 devices that we are eager to share with you. Offered by some of our top manufacturers, these products are well-made, feature-rich, and in-demand.

ClareOne Wireless Repeater/Translator

The ClareOne Wireless Repeater/Translator is a great addition to existing security systems. The device is battery backed up and can work with existing Clare security sensors or translate a wide range of legacy wireless security devices to ClareOne encrypted protocols. This single product solution will help you start transitioning older security systems to a unified ClareOne platform. This system can translate signals from sensors connected to

· Honeywell® 5800 series,

· 2GIG®,

· GE®,

· Qolsys®,

· Napco®,

· DSC legacy®, and

· Interlogix®.

We love how this product offers a simple solution for security and home automation system installers to upgrade their client’s systems. This will save you time and money while alleviating hassles and ensuring your customers get future-proofed unified systems.

Clare supported Dome Water Valve

The Dome Water Valve was already a great product and now it is also supported by ClareOne By Clare Controls. In January 2021, the ClareOne v1.2.10/9.1.5 update included added support for new Z-Wave devices including the Dome Water Valve. Customers with the ClareOne system can now add the Dome Water Valve to their homes or businesses to help detect and shut down water leaks. This offers protection against water damage and the associated expensive repairs.

Vosker 150

We have been a fan of Vosker products since first being introduced and they continue to delight us with their newest product. The V150LTE Security Camera was released earlier this year and we have been enjoying testing it out in various locations. While this camera is a great solution for any outdoor monitoring, it is ideal for larger or more remote locations like acreages, construction sites, and industrial areas. Some of the features that help this solar-powered product stand out when compared with similar cameras include

· 90’ motion detection,

· Wireless system operating over the LTE cellular network,

· Long-lasting battery life,

· Weather resistant, and

· Pre-activated SIM card that connects to the Vosker Cloud over the LTE Cellular Network.

Visit our online store to add these products to your toolkit!


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