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Get the details on Dahua

If you have been hearing the buzz about Dahua Technology products and want to learn more, you are in the right place! We began distributing Dahua solutions in early 2020 and find new things to like about them every day. Dahua has a huge product catalogue that includes a variety of surveillance security and access control solutions that can be easily scaled and customized.

We added Dahua Technology to our inventory last year to provide businesses with better surveillance products and additional supports for reopening during a global health crisis. Initially, customers had great success implementing tools like the Thermal Temperature Monitoring Station. This system was perfect for businesses such as airports, schools, retailers, and offices that needed to quickly measure temperature without coming into close contact with people. For many businesses, it was a first step in re-opening safely.

As we got to know more about Dahua products, we starting adding to our inventory. Their surveillance cameras have been very popular. From basic models to more sophisticated video surveillance products, each one is reliable and feature-rich. The network video recorders have built-in smart motion detection and analytics plus capabilities, which is useful if they are attached to cameras with limited capabilities. With three product tiers that offer a variety of features and benefits, we can review your specific project scope and recommend the best suite of cameras and accessories to meet almost any criteria.

Dahua products offer dynamic solutions for unprecedented times. Some of the features include

· Thermal temperature and body identification,

· Night colour with white light for low light applications,

· Artic Pro series capable of handling Canadian winters,

· Multi-sensor panoramic and 360 degree fisheye views,

· Real time face capture and mask detection,

· Dahua exclusive Smart Motion Detection and Smart Detection+,

· People counting and point of sale business analytics, and

· License plate capture.

Those are just a few of the features that can be accessed by using Dahua products and there is another aspect that further amplifies the functionality of these solutions.

Dahua products include industry-leading analytics including WizSense and WizMind. These programs offer sophisticated deep learning algorithms that allow users to get even more out of the products over time. WizSense allows customers to focus on the pictures they want, like humans and vehicles, and ignores irrelevant data such as debris or extreme weather conditions. It is easy to configure and use. WizMind offers even more advanced analytics for unparalleled surveillance performance. This solution is typically used to meet complex surveillance requirements in high-end markets like energy, oil and gas, and finance. WizMind can be used for privacy protection, heat mapping, smart tracking, and people counting.

We hold Dahua products in high regard and nothing makes us happier than answering any questions you have about these solutions. We are a Dahua Certified Supplier so when you purchase products from Simply Controlled, they are covered under a 5-year warranty.


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