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Jasco is coming in hot with a great product lineup

If you are not using Jasco products yet, read on! Today we’re talking about why you should be using them and how they will benefit your business.

Jasco isn’t new to the lighting or home automation industries. Launched in 1975, its mission has always been to design products that make life easier and help homes be more connected. The current product lines include home automation, power, lighting, security, and home entertainment solutions. When we were testing products from Jasco, we were impressed with the level of quality, thoughtful design, and ease of integration.

You know that great lighting products are one of our favourite things, and Jasco has some of the best products we’ve seen this year!

The café lights are the breakout star of the season; your customers will be clamouring to add these to their landscaping projects. Different set and bulb styles are available, making it easy to integrate them into any yard. Aside from their good looks, these lights have several other exciting features.

· All the bulbs are commercial-grade and energy-efficient.

· The lights are programmable, allowing users to create a variety of scenes throughout the seasons.

· The lights are dimmable and have the option for 2 or 4 hour timeouts.

· Sets can be combined and are linkable up to 750 feet.

When talking with your customers about the Jasco café lights, there are plenty of selling points, like the lifetime warranty, wireless remote, and durability. These aren’t just for your residential jobs. The lights are excellent for commercial spaces like restaurants, cafes, patios, bars, and retail.

The landscape lights are another product that everyone is asking about. What makes these lights unique is that they can be hung from above AND secured in the ground allowing you to create a cohesive lighting design without being limited by placement. There are quite a few styles to choose from and multi-colour options including a variety of white hues. Each puck shines bright with 40 lumens and 10 dimming options. Your customers will have fun programming custom scenes or enjoying pre-set options. Weather-resistant, they can be used year-round. You will love the ease of installing this product since everything you need is included in one box! Durable enough for commercial or residential applications, they can be deployed as spotlights and accent lighting or used to light up pathways, driveways, and entryways. Commercial customers will delight in being able to create custom themes that match their branding!

While the smart switches aren’t quite as exciting to look at as the café and landscape lights, they are another popular Jasco product. These switches quickly update traditional in-wall paddle switches to Z-wave enabled switches for lights and appliances. They work seamlessly with dimmable incandescent LED, CFL, and halogen lights and allow customers to create multiple automation groups or scenes. Don’t dread having to do retrofits with these switches. The Quick Fit switches are 20% smaller than older models, making them easy to work with!

The feedback we’ve received since adding Jasco to our product offerings has been extremely positive. Installers enjoy working with such a high-quality product at a profitable price point. In addition, the availability of products with little to no shipping delays, ease of installation, and highly customizable options make this a wonderful add-on to your business.


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