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Guardian by Elexa keeps getting better

A variety of leak detection solutions have flooded the market over the past few years. We have long been fans of the Guardian by Elexa system for many reasons. It is affordable, easy to install, scalable, and user-friendly. Our clients love having an effective and simple solution to offer their customers. While this was already a great product when it launched, Elexa has spent the last few years improving it even more!

The classic Guardian system includes a leak detector, valve controller, and app. Once installed, the valve controller will shut off the water when a leak or frozen pipe is detected. With the app, users can monitor and control the system from anywhere and receive notifications of a leak. The system is standalone, so it doesn’t need to connect to any hubs or products to work.

Today, the Guardian by Elexa includes all the things mentioned above and much more! The addition of a backup battery, remote sensor probes, and the sensor probe deluxe have significantly increased the reach and functionality of the system. The remote sensor probes are small enough to put in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, like under appliances. The sensor probe deluxe is a cord capable of detecting water anywhere along its length. It can extend the reach of the detectors and provide quicker notifications of a leak. These new additions make it possible to fully customize the setup for each of your customer’s unique needs, and they can be scaled to provide leak detection over a larger area. The system can capably handle up to 100 leak detectors.

Alongside the physical system enhancements, Guardian also made upgrades to the firmware, and these changes have improved the user experience. One of the most impactful improvements has been the option to install and monitor multiple control valves at different locations, which is a significant evolution from the previous version of the app that only allowed for control of one valve in one place. This offers a whole new level of functionality for property managers, landlords, and people who have rental or vacation properties. But Elexa didn’t stop there! They also included the ability to add custom names to different spots being monitored. This makes it easy to identify compromised areas for people monitoring multiple locations. The functionality for monitoring valve status and leak sensor parameters is unmatched.

Ease of installation is one of the biggest objections installers and customers have to adopting new smart home technology. Guardian has further refined the installation process and now offers better set-up and diagnostic tools that make installations faster and easier than ever before.

Guardian by Elexa has been a reliable leak detection system for years and it keeps getting better! For installers, it offers an entry-level product that helps customers see the value and savings possible with home automation and utilities monitoring systems. The ease of installation, customization options, and easy end-user experience make this a great product to add to your offerings!


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