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Stocking the latest controls and automation technology, Simply Controlled is proud to offer solutions you can feel good about recommending to your customers.  From Gateways and Hubs, to sensors and power control, we have flexible solutions that can be customized to meet every need.

Featured Products

RGBW Controller 2
This RGBW Controller allows you to adjust light colours to make any atmosphere suitable for work, focus or relaxation. Easily controlled by a phone application or a voice command, you can regulate the temperature of light in any environment.
The Swipe
This intelligent system detects simple moves in addition to complex combinations of moves. Swipe right to turn off the lights and left to turn on the TV - this elegant device can be used to control your entire home automation system. Powered by battery or a micro usb, the Swipe offers flexibility in placement, design and use.
The Button
Manually activate or deactivate any device and actions with this battery-operated device. Run up to six pre-programmed scenes with the click of a button. Use different click sequencing to trigger notifications or activate various devices.
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